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Discover the world of Green Lake Coffee

Green Lake Coffee is not just a coffee shop. Green Lake Coffee is association of people who love sports, lifestyle, proper nutrition and coffee.

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What is Green Lake Coffee?

The mission of Green Lake Coffee is aimed at those who love sports, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and coffee. The goal is to create a community and a place where people can meet like-minded individuals, make new friends, or even find love. Oh, and besides the great atmosphere, we also have delicious coffee!

Natural coffee of the highest quality 

The company orders coffee beans from all over the world. Makes blends and monosorts. Moreover, they took care of the convenience of perception of information about grains for both amateurs and pros. Their products are divided into grains for alternative brewing methods, for example, in a cup, and grains for espresso coffee machines.

How to get there

Coffee. Sport.
Green Lake Coffee

Green Lake Coffee is focused not only on top quality coffee, but also on encouraging physical activity. Combining our passion for sports and coffee, we will host monthly competitions such as road bike races, 5k races and marathons that bring people together and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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How did the Green Like Coffee idea come about?

“While contemplating the name and mission of the company, I often ran around Green Lake, preparing for a marathon in Hawaii. Around the lake, people run, bike, play volleyball, basketball, baseball, simply toss a ball around or lay on the grass. They walk with their children and pets, meet and communicate with each other. The sunsets are truly beautiful. There's always a very pleasant atmosphere of sports and unity around the lake. It's there that the company's mission was born, and it's there that the name Green Lake Coffee was born too, in honor of the place where I started my business journey in the US.”

Opening soon!

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